Thursday, September 28, 2006

Will Wonders Never Cease

Well, this has certainly been the most remarkable week in my life. The Congress appears to be ready to suspend or repeal habeus corpus. Habeus corpus, of course, is simply the core of law as we know it. But, what did you expect?

Let's review for a minute-
70% of Americans want us out of Iraq
70% of Americans want national healthcare
70% of Americans want marijuana legalized
70% of Americans have no problem with gay marriage

What's a poor minority to do? The only way the Republicans can stay in power is to suppress the majority.

Well, don't look so glum. First of all, marijuana smokers have lived with these dictatorial powers directed against them for years. Second of all, as the time we have to deal with global warming becomes shorter and shorter, it may be that these new-fangled dictatorial powers will come in handy.

So maybe, instead of screaming at your Republican neighbor, you might quietly sympathize with him about having elected a Saudi-hugging big-government unfunded-mandate peabrain to preside over the dismantlement of the safeguards of private property. Who knows, maybe he feels as bad about it as you do.


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