Thursday, October 19, 2006

Damn I'm Good!

Opinions differ as to the value of the Air Force, but...
This is all pretty much a moot point because nobody is going to attack us with their airforce anyway.  We are already deep into the age of post-military warfare, and what you're seeing in Iraq is about as militarily or strategically significant as the Crimean War.
What is more likely is that the myth of air power will be as fatal to us as the myth of the Southern Cavalier was to the ante-bellum South.  The US has become too accustomed to attacking, with no real provocation, nations small enough for us to bombard while the world stands by.  In all likelihood, just as happened with Hitler's invasion of Poland, there will come a time when we do not believe the world will intervene, and they will believe that they absolutely must.


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