Monday, October 02, 2006

Geezer E-mail

Again, I've been hit by an "old geezer" e-mail that goes around every few months. The pith of the e-mail is "I'm not voting for my Congressman until Congress junks their pension system and uses Social Security like the rest of us- then they'll fix Social Security".

For starters, Social Security does not need to be "fixed". We could all get an extra half hour of sleep a night if we could rest assured they would not "fix" Social Security.

Beyond that- what is wrong with these people? I for one do not want my Congressman to be dependent on a war contractor for a cushy job and stock options, with gravy and all the 'fixins', to furnish his old age.

Republicans have perfected the art of buying a seat in Congress and then making that investment back in spades by peddling earmarks, finding their wives and relations nice jobs with lobbyists and companies that sell to the government, and themselves ending up with a similar job when they leave Congress. This is not behavior I wish to encourage.

And, in case you haven't noticed, Congressmen get paid more than you or I do. They have more important jobs with more responsibility, would pay more into Social Security, and would draw larger pensions than you or I if that was their pension plan. Get over it. If there is one country in the world where you and I have an equal chance of going to Congress, this is it.

Well, that won't stop the dumb e-mail, but I feel better. Maybe you do too.


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