Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Roaring Mice

Well, we've now reached our "Mouse that Roared" moment with North Korea, with George Bush as the zombie reincarnation of Peter Sellers.  Bush, of course, suffers from the disadvantages of being a 'slow zombie', no small thing in attempting to reprise the hyperactive Sellers, but in other respects he mimics the bumbling, the broken English, the exquisite gaffe de jour of Sellers quite well.
As dismaying as it may be to watch the grey pallor (alternating with pancake rouge) of Bush as he jerkily attempts to read (why bother?  we've heard it all before) the teleprompter script, occasionally becoming totally unable to even finish the sentence before him, the important thing to remember is, it's just a performance.  And frankly, a pretty good one- for a zombie.


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