Monday, November 06, 2006

Big Deal

Sometime in the near future Americans will be startled to learn that having a huge military, and two dollars, will get you a cup of coffee.  After all, just because the Russian state collapsed, and they set all those captive countries free, does not mean they fired all their soldiers.
In fact, the Russian military is still number two, after us, still eyeing us uneasily, because we eye them uneasily, because they have those thousands of nukes, as do we.
It's like the guy you see out in the rural area driving the two-ton Lincoln or Chrysler Town car that's 30 years old.  Over the years he's put so much in the thing that he can't discard it now, even though it is eating him out of house and home.
So we'll probably have our military, and a few other big-buck dollar wasters like the Drug Wars, long after the rest of the world has mentally put us alongside Russia- big, dumb, and clumsy.


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