Saturday, December 09, 2006

General Rommel Presses Deep Into Egypt....

Much weeping and wailing will accompany the 'failure' of the Bushies to implement the findings of the Baker-ISG Report.  Somehow it has escaped notice that the report gives the PNAC types all they asked for and more, now calling openly for the privatization of Iraqi oil.
In a nutshell, the cause of disequilibrium in the Mid-east is oil.  Attempts to cure the disequilibrium by erecting formal structures will be about as effective as attempting to keep a beach from shifting by building a jetty or a groin.
The United States could substantially reduce the disequilibrium by reducing our purchases of oil and removing our military from the region.  On the surface this would appear to increase the ferment, but in actuality the stakes would be dramatically lowered and market forces, if there are such things, would redistribute and diffuse the tensions.
This in fact is the most likely eventual future but, being moderately subtle, cannot be prepared for by American pundits or policy-makers, which will probably have unfortunate effects for the American people.

UPDATE- Tom Haden observes, on, that the Baker report actually calls for individual Iraqis to pay more for the gas and oil they buy- apparently it is impossible to overestimate the cruelty of our ruling oligarchy.


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