Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hoist on Own Petard

George Bush is now well and truely spitted on the kebab of the Baker-ISG Report. The Report, which calls for a semi-permanent American garrison and control of Iraqi governmental agencies, and the privatization of Iraq's oil, blames the incompetence of George Bush for what has happened, and suggests that if the goals of the Report are not attained, it will be because of what George Bush does in the future.

Bush, a tool who would be as idle and useless as his daughters were it not for Baker's successful theft of the 2000 election, can only wriggle. If he is left with enough rope, it is only that he may hang himself.

He could, of course, embrace the members and conclusions of the Baker-ISG group, and turn to bi-partisan Congressional committees for the implementation of the best plans State and the Pentagon could develop. In a parallel universe, that is.


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