Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What a tangled web we weave...

Well, maybe not the first time the British Empire has practiced to deceive. Still, this story is a doozy, even by their standards.

Remember the IRA bombing campaign of the 70s? Now we know that many of the bombs were provided or planted by British agents- agents provacateurs. And in the 90s dozens of murders were winked at by the Royal Ulster Constabulary. But maybe the capper is that the IED explosive devices that have been most effective against our troops in Iraq, were given to the IRA in yet another agent provacateur incident, and subsequently transferred worldwide by the IRA.

Now, that's a gift that just keeps on giving, decade after decade. Ironically, the Iraq War in turn may spur the independence of Scotland and Wales, as Blair's refusal to leave gracefully undermines the Labor Party. We are so past the point of diminishing returns for the policy of England dominating Ireland.


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