Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hoist on Own Petard- Ultimate Indignity Edition

Undoubtedly, the greatest damage we've suffered from 9/11 has been inflicted by the Bush invasion of Iraq.

But in the 'war of ideology' the rapier blowback struck to the core of American life this week when our fears turned us against advertising.

Nothing is more American than advertising, and when our fears lashed out at an ad campaign, prompting furious calls to punish the malefactors who had so misjudged the American psyche, we repudiated our very being. If our belief in the sanctity of 'freedom of speech' for advertisers is eroded, what is left of the America we knew?


Blogger opit said...

Rove wasn't cut in and it wasn't an official "Snow" job. The administration reserves the assignment to petrify Americans with the fear of mushroom clouds from foreign scary persons to itself, while busily taking away any remaining remnants of individual liberty.
After all, when artists of deception are occupied raping the resources of the world, distraction is like graffiti over a great mural of horror.
( War of ideology is a great lark. Piracy does not need such pretense. )

8:29 PM  

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