Sunday, March 04, 2007

Let's Review

In an eerie replay of the McCarthyite 50s, Republicans are again telling us we need to surrender our liberties to survive a worldwide attack against us. "Fortunately", over the past four years we've tried that. How well has it worked?

Thousands of Islamic men have been taken prisoner and held for years, tortured at length in the hopes of obtaining some "confession" that would justify this treatment. What we've learned is that almost all of them had no connection at all with terrorists.

The Bush invasion of Iraq created a training ground for terrorists, and terrorism has steadily risen with each succeeding year. OBL is again training terrorists in camps protected by the Pakistani dictatorship, a Muslim state with nuclear weapons.

At home, the Bushies have blocked protection of chemical plants from terrorists (it might cost industry money) and, in order to prevent unions from forming, resisted attempts to improve airline security. Combined with the increasing amounts of bad intelligence, now used mainly to justify what the WH wants to do, the probability of another successful terrorist attack in the US seems very high, if not certain.

But, you say, that is because Bush is incompetent- surely if we put unlimited power in the hands of a wise man things would turn out well.

Don't bet on it.


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