Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Story To Date

Back in 2005, fresh off the electoral 'win' of 2004, the Bushies considered firing all 93 US Attorneys. In retrospect, we can see that they intended to say "Every president fires all the US Attorneys at the beginning of every term". This, of course, is false, but you know how they are.

Then they realized that some of their replacement choices would never make it past the Senate. So the project was put on the back burner while a low-profile staffer inserted a clause in the Patriot Act allowing the president to appoint replacements without the consent of the Senate.

By this time (2006) they obviously couldn't claim to be firing all 93 "just like every president does at the beginning of a term", so they whittled their list down to about 10. They were also increasingly concerned about how this would look, and increasingly anxious to get rid of Carol Lam, the US Attorney in San Diego who was getting close to Dick Cheney's office with her investigation of the Duke Cunningham bribery.

In fact, at the bottom line, it may be that seven other US Attorneys were fired to reduce the visibility of the Carol Lam firing.

That all remains to be seen, but what is perfectly clear now is that the Bushies attempted a power grab with the clear intent of obstructing justice- and came close to getting away with it.


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