Thursday, April 05, 2007

Days End

Leave It To Bush

For Ambassador to Belgium, y'know, where the EC lives, Bush chooses the man least qualified- unless you count electioneering slander as a qualification.

You're doing a heckuva job, Bushie.

Not Our Agenda

It's important to remember that the American people are not by their natures foul-mouthed bigots. The race-hatred, xenophobia and sexual slander that spews from our radios and televisons today is bought and paid for by the upper classes.

There's no real confusion about why they do it. It's called divide and conquer. The people with real money profoundly believe that the American people are their enemies, and they put the mouth of the talk-radio host where their money is.

If the rich people would stop paying to have their hatred broadcast and printed, this country would be a better place. It's just that simple.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Too Funny

McCain can stroll in Baghdad...if the area is swept, snipers are posted, he wears a bulletproof vest, is surrounded by a company of infantry, and has five choppers overhead ready to fire.

About what Bush requires to stroll in America. He's definitely not taking a chance on throwing out that first ball in a stadium full of people who know how to boo.

Connect the Dots

I think we can connect the dots now. On the one hand, the Bush administration making the US Attorneys into political hatchetmen and cover-up artists for the rightwing Republicans. On the other hand, FBI agents seizing the communications records of tens of thousands of Americans, not only without a warrant or subpoena, but actually without the pro forma "letter" that was supposed to be issued while a warrant or subpoena was being sought.

In other words, spying on Americans in the stuyle of the East German Stasi to ensure the perpetual dominance of a one-party Republican state.

I think the technical name for this is "dictatorship".

Dk and Pb

Monday, April 02, 2007

Too Clever by Half

A recent comment thread at MattY's blog found itself largely in agreement- we didn't invade Iraq for the oil. Each commenter in turn elucidated the fine points to prove that one must master many details and be very clever to reach the ineluctible conclusion- nobody knows why we went to Iraq.

Bullshit. The average American knows why we went to Iraq- for the oil. We're fighting for our "way of life" and that doesn't mean voting, which barely half of us do, it means driving, which almost all of us depend on to maintain our economy and ourselves within it.

This is why people despise 'liberals', who argue with themselves and lose those arguments. Liberals, lose the attitude and stop losing those arguments. It's better to be wrong once in a while than it is never to be right.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Republicans for Illegal Immigration

I only wish this were an April Fools post.

Five Republican representatives from Florida have asked Bush to grant Venezuelan immigrants temporary immunity from U.S. immigration laws. It seems that Florida Republicans regard free elections in Venezuela, monitored and certified as honest by international organizations, as some sort of "dictatorship".

What is even more appalling is that our present government is much more likely to give Venezuelans a free pass than it is to allow Iraqis to immigrate.

It makes you wish there were some other political party in the US that could point out the hypocrisy here when the Republicans start bleating about "illegal immigration" again.